Look Gorgeous On Your Special Day

shutterstock_353617937-600x300The wedding Day is that one particular day everybody’s eyes are on the bride and groom most of all. Marriage is an occasion, which everybody in their younger years has thought or planned ahead for. It is the beginning of a new journey in life partner you would spend almost all of the rest of your life with, the first day of such a journey sure requires nothing short of perfection. The day is so eventful that it is planned down to the very detail, as for the bride and groom; they must look like the Prince and Princess of the day.

Most girls have dreamed of their special day. The bride ought to look gorgeous. Indian weddings are bright affairs, with splendid colour and lights. To prepare for this day, the bride must have the best makeup on, one that is not overdone, but that which accentuates her features and makes her look most elegant. This writing is dedicated to all those soon to be brides residing in Chennai. The climate in Chennai on most days is nothing but unpleasant. It can be very exhausting with all the pollution, heat and humidity.

Dear Bride to be, you should prepare well ahead of time, ideally at least 3 months ahead of the special day else at least 6 weeks prior. There is so much you need to take care of, your skin, nails, hair, clothes, footwear, accessories, the list is extensive. Find a good spa in Chennai that will offer good body massages that will relax you and make you glow from within. In order to save time, you can find a place that has both spa facilities and beauty parlour in Chennai like riverdayspa, Opium spa, Petal spa, and their likes. There are several that will offer great bridal packages that will take care of all your needs without you having to worry about each and every detail.

Your makeup must be planned according to the time, location and season of the event. This is probably one day in your life, that you are going to be photographed the most and the photographs are cherished memories and displayed all through life, so make sure that your makeup is well planned and nothing but perfect. If you do apply makeup on a regular basis, you probably already know the products that suit you best and of course your best look too. Knowing products that suit you best, is in itself half the work done. For those who are the plain jane kind, that cares least about makeup and love to carry off their natural looks, no worries, we still have time.

Pre-wedding general routine:
There is so much excitement, nervousness and activities surrounding the wedding day, that there will be many places to go shopping, less sleep, disturbed diet; all these take a toll on the skin. Take good care of your skin while you go about your daily activities.
Cleanse face regularly
Exfoliate at least twice a week but not more than that
Oily skin types wash face more often and avoid oily food
Dry skin types keep skin moisturized
Visit spa periodically
Cleanse and treat hair and skin at beauty parlour
Find the right cosmetics for that special day
Use SPF based sunscreens when out in the sun, reapply every 3 hrs
Use natural vegetable or fruit face packs regularly at home
Sensitive skin types must avoid anything new on their skin, especially close to the wedding day.
Sleep well

downloadBridal Makeup Tips:
How you look on your wedding day ultimately depends on what you wear, how you accessorize and makeup.

Makeup plans must take into consideration the time, location and season of the event. Generally, makeup for daytime is very different from that in the evening. Makeup lasts longer when indoors and well air-conditioned, but during outdoor events, great care needs to be taken. Keep your beautician informed.

Book a pre-wedding makeup trial with your beautician so that you know what has been planned and will be satisfied, comfortable and most of all, confident with your look.

Face makeup: Foundation that forms the base for all makeup must be one that suits your skin type and colour. Choose a liquid based foundation; apply on the forehead, close to the jawline, to see how it suits you. Be sure to check in natural light.
Foundation covers up most blemishes, but a good concealer will come in very handy too.
Use a blush to make your already glowing cheek and cheekbone look great.

Eye makeup: Eye makeup like face makeup requires an eyeshadow base. Since Indian weddings are about heavily designed costumes and accessories, a gold or peach pink eyeshadow should be a safe bet. The eye makeup must match the colour of the costume. Use waterproof, gel-based, long lasting eyeliner and mascara to avoid staining. Mascara will make the lashes look luscious. Avoid cheap eyeliners and mascara that easily smudge, and can ruin the whole makeup.

Lip makeup: Use clever tips for thin lips, like lining the outside of your lip with a shade close to your skin colour and use a plumper instead of lip-gloss to make them look bigger and fuller. Use a lip colour that compliments the whole look, and goes with the costume. If lips are plump, use darker shades, and lip gloss towards the centre.

Hairstyle: This is a major factor that will define the complete look. Invest enough time in taking good care and planning ahead about your hairstyle. Accessorize with real flowers or dry flowers, fabric flowers or clips, or even tiaras, whatever you fancy and that which goes with your attire.

Essential Tips for Newbie Wedding Photographers

Wedding photography can provide you with an avenue to get yourself some substantial amount of money. Even though photography permeates beyond all facets, the income that one can get from wedding photography is incomparable with the other trends of photography, and it is not quite surprising that most people have entered into the industry on a full time basis.

It is not beyond you to start a wedding photography business and become successful, all that is important is to take some key issues into considerations and apply them very well.

The first and foremost thing to consider is the business name you wish to give your company. Bear in mind that the name you give to your company is as important as the kind of work you do. Make sure the name you choose accurately portrays the nature and kind of work you do.

This is because the name you choose will ultimately be your brand name, and that your brand name is an essential component of the branding process. A good name will greatly help you during the advertisement of your product. It has to sound professional, and you ought to ensure that the name is not being used by anyone else.

Secondly, you need to consider your pricing very well. It is quite pathetic that most wedding photographers underestimate their work, and therefore charge prices that are considerably low.

Newbie Wedding PhotographersThe most appropriate way to determine how you price your work is to do an extensive research on the current market in order to know the price range people usually charge. In this case the internet becomes the best resort to know the nature of the market with respect to pricing.

Diligently check on the various wedding photography websites so you will know where to peg your prices and at the same time be able to cope with the competitive nature of the industry.

Reputation is also relevant as far as the decision on prices is concerned. If a would-be couple is to choose between photographers who charge the same rate for work done, they would definitely go in for the experienced one by default. Therefore you have to make sure that your reputation actually matches with the prices you charge.

Wedding photographers have shown how important they are as far as wedding ceremonies are concerned, and you can take advantage of this in order to make the best out of it.

Creation of Unforgettable Moments with Wedding Photography

One of the very rewarding and fun activities in every marriage function is wedding photography. Everyone loves to have a lifetime memory of the marriage. For photographers too, wedding photography is a field to show their talent in photography, showing their passion and also earning their career.

The three most important things in any kind of wedding photography are ‘Planning, Planning and only Planning’. If there is no plan before the marriage, then the wedding photography will turn into a disaster. Wedding is such a function where if a pose or something else goes wrong during the photography, they cannot be retaken. So the photography should be well organized and planned.

It is also very much recommending nowadays to choose a picture coordinator from the couple’s family or friend. This coordinator system is because he/she will know the family members and guests and also he/she knows all about the rituals that must be given more and wise attention. The coordinator also can make a group or individual in different use in which the photo is supposed to be taken.

Before reaching the venue, the photographer must be aware of the camera condition. He should check all the operations of the camera. All conditions about the extra lenses, batteries, memory space, etc. must be checked well before. If something else is needed, it should be arranged as soon as possible.

Newly Married CoupleSome classics photos of the bride and the groom must be taken. If a witness is required, that also should be taken. Some photographs of their family members also have to be captured.

Best Way to Store All Marriage Memories: Wedding Photography
In this modern and much advanced stage of the world, everyone wants to have storage of all their amazing moments that will surely help them to laugh in any type of mood and condition. As marriage one of the most important days and functions in everyone’s life, each and every person wants to have a good memory about the wedding.

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Optimize The Investment behind Your Wedding Photography

Planning and timings for each and everything are very important in weddings. Planning everything with the wedding photographer should be your first and foremost concern. To get the maximum output from your wedding investment in photography, work in a collaborated manner with the photographer. Depending on how professional your photographer is, he will help you plan for the timing of different events. If your photographer is not careful about the timings, there can be problems. A hassle can be created in clicking snaps of different events. Some of the important timings to be kept in mind as a photographer are :

Wedding Photography1Preparation time of the bride. At least one hour of coverage is needed for photography.
Travel time needed for going from Bride’s location to the Groom’s location Groom waiting at the venue for some shots, be on time for that Arrival time of the bride is very important for photography Start and end time of ceremony is very important Group shots during the event are also very important. Location photography should be done on time.

There are many other things to be kept in mind. You and your photographer must discuss everything in advance to avoid any last moment hassle. Some extra time must be kept in hand. Everything cannot run on a fixed timeline on the wedding day. Thus plan everything accordingly. Your photographer will suggest you better ways to get the best shots. If you have hired a reliable photographer, he will not let you take any tensions for the photographs.

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Become the Best Photographer in the Wedding Ceremony


Photographs are something that reminds us of many memories sometimes of our childhood, sometimes of some special moments. Weddings are one such ceremony where photos are compulsory. Trained photographers are only hired to take the photos. Everyone present in the wedding needs a memorable photograph when they are in their best dress and jewelry.

Wedding CeremonySometimes, more than one photographer is also hired so that every smallest moment is captured in the lens, and nothing is missed. Photography has been an art since many years, and consequently it has increased now. There many zoomed lenses found today. The bridal couple as well as everyone in the wedding party wants an exclusive photograph.

Why photography is required in the wedding

In the wedding photographs, the couple shares a lot of happiness. Later on they see the photographs and remember the happy times. The bride and the groom click the best pictures of their lifetime.
How to get these professional photographs

If you contact any wedding event manager to decorate your wedding, you can even get these professional photographers from them as they will have contact with them. You can even get the photographers from the internet. There are many internet sites nowadays that can help you with this part of your wedding.
Wedding photographs include photos starting from the preparations to the guests who are coming and not to miss the delicious food and the drinks. Photographs of the people who are taking part in the dance are also a photo that is going to be evergreen in the wedding album. All the bridal couples have to make sure to hire a photographer who has enough experience.

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Lighting and Photography in Wedding

Wedding Photography

Wedding photography requires certain skills that will fetch you some really good photographs. But the main requirement for wedding photography is the right sense of lighting. Light is something that is the most essential element for a good photograph. Also, you must know the right use of the available light. Here are some tips about lighting and photography that would help you to click some really good photographs.

If you want to make real use of natural light, you will have to depend upon the Kelvin level to find out the temperature of light and consequently the color of the light too. For example, the warmer the light is, the redder the light will probably be, and therefore you may need to choose your techniques accordingly. Photos to have an ethnic look and the look of magnificence natural light is best preferred.

Autumn wedding at Lains Barn in OxfordshireThe glow, exposure, and the contrasts best add their tinge to the photo in mild sunlight. Capturing pictures in the dim light is the skill of the photographer to use the minimum light available and yield out the best artistic photo. The use of flash and other light sources is done to implement additional beauty to the image.

The angle plays a vital role in the aspect of photography. Use of the light at an appropriate angle creates the difference in the photos. Tracing out an example, an image of same plot can be totally inversed due to the use of differing angles. An elegant photographer is experienced to adjust these minute features and to trace out the best photograph.

Latest Equipment for Wedding Photography


Wedding photography companies are measured in many aspects such as the cooperation they show before the marriage, the activeness they show during the marriage and the responsibility they show after the marriage. When you pay for something, you want the best out of it. Another thing that should be considered is the equipment they use. The status symbol of any wedding is the photography session. They have to use the latest technology and epitomize equipment. You can find many photography companies in the market, but many do not use the latest equipment. You need to choose wisely. There are numerous options in the market you need to choose your wedding photographer on every basis.

Wedding Photography2There are companies with great offers and packages, and you need to know which one is good for you. Not only the photographers but even the software engineers with them who edit the pictures should be equipped with the latest technology. When you see a photographer always with a new and more improvised camera, you can say that he knows how difficult his job is. The bride and the groom themselves should go and see what kind of job the wedding photographers do. Only then they will know what they want. It is good to choose from companies as you have a wide range of choices. You get to know the kind of works they did and what they really do. It becomes easier for you to choose from this wide range of options. You need to choose the best out of rest.

Wedding Photography-Latest Trends in Use

Wedding photograhy

Wedding is a very big occasion in any one’s life. Everyone wants that their wedding should occur at a grand stage. There are various ceremonies that occur during one’s wedding, and everyone wants to capture those memories in one form or the other. Mainly, this is done through videography and photography. Everyone calls for a photographer and cameraman to capture all the events occurring at their wedding. Wedding photography is now becoming popular and has grown out wildly. It requires very trained and expert photographers who can actually click beautiful pictures.

Earlier the wedding photography was only limited to few stiff poses without much of any emotion or romance. But now the time has changed with its preplanned poses and recreation of wedding peak events such as ring ceremony, kisses, etc. The modern wedding couples demand more contemporary approach to their wedding.

Wedding Photography-Latest TrendsExpert wedding photographers are called in the wedding. The photographer is there to capture all the special moments and events during the wedding. The latest trend in wedding photography is inspired mainly by various stylish magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Elle, Glamour, etc. and the photographers make the couple’s fantasies come real.

Nowadays, in the wedding photography, the main goal of the photographers is to make the couple look their best, and they even try various fancy poses. The photographers have to take care of even very minute details during his work.
The photos are perfectly taken by the photographers and then artistically edited to give the photo extra effects that add to the beauty of the photograph. In our experience, a big segment of wedding couples is to capture the reality and every detail of the wedding.

Try Out The Reportage Wedding Photography

Reportage photography is a unique style of photography which is candid, unobtrusive and discreet. Another name given to it is photojournalism and also documentary wedding photography. It is particularly for the couple who wants to capture each and every emotion of their wedding on camera. It is a unique style of photography. As your wedding day unfolds, your photographer will take several pictures with as minimum possible intervention. The basic challenge for the photographer is to be at this right place in the right time and nothing else. He should not miss anything important and sweet. If you want this type of photography, you need to be very comfortable with your photographer. If you are not able to be comfortable with your photographer you will not be able to express your emotions fully in front of him. In such cases, the photographs he takes will look lifeless.

Reportage Wedding PhotographyThe photographer will be around you for the most of the time, and so you need to get acquainted with him. Do not make your photos look fake, and try give it a natural look. If you are not that expressive and feel shy in front of the camera, probably you should try some other photography style. The best part about reportage photography is that it even captures the most intimate moments that even go unnoticed. Like the bride and the groom holding hands, sharing short loving glances, looking at each other or any similar scene. These are the scenes that really show the magic of the wedding day. It will be a memory for the lifetime. Also, a certain type of personality is very important for this style of photography. When hiring a wedding photographer, look at his portfolio thoroughly. His personality will reflect what kind of photographer he is and how close you can be to him for sharing your wedding moments.

Traditional Wedding Photography Styles


Traditional photography means posed or planned style photography. It is the most common style of photography used. It helps in making a portrait like album. It is the oldest form of photography. It is a methodological style. Here the photographer has complete control over the poses you give for the photograph. It will help show the events of the wedding in a systematic way. He controls every element of the picture being taken. These photographs will help capture the particular moments when friends were sitting and chatting or if they were celebrating in some other form. The actual emotion of the interaction will be captured in our minds through those photographs. It conveys facts very methodologically.

Wedding Photography StylesPeople who are very simple and cannot flaunt emotions in front of a photographer must opt for this style of photography. The photographer plans incidents when, where, with whom and what kind of pictures are to be taken on the wedding day. You can plan to capture photographs with some of the most important people at your wedding. It is not an obsolete form of photography. Though reportage photography is getting more preferred these days, the traditional method still remains common because it is easily available and is less costly. Traditional photography helps you take photos in a realistic manner with utmost beauty and perfection. Picture qualities are same in all types of photography the basic difference is just the scenic difference. Whatever type of style you like you can choose, after all its all about making your wedding day special.